Sagar Vohra


Sagar Vohra ( Sr. Photographer)

“I have always seen images around me and captured them with the
play of light”
“There are always two people in a picture. The photographer and
the viewer.”

Shotzzz is an india based imaging outfit specialized in
providing exemplary image quality in a variety of subjects such as
architecture, interiors, food & beverages, still life, products, portraits
and travel.

Shotzzz has been in existence since 2008, shooting on location as well
as at it's New Delhi studio, equipped with the latest technology.
Props, backdrops and elaborate sets are also made in-house.
The studio undertakes pre-production and post production photography.

Over the years, the studio has acquired a loyal clientele.
Some of them are Prajax hospitality,Incredible India, Archaeology Survey
of India, Hospitality Companies and HNIs.


Sagar Vohra formally trained at The Shari Academy of Professsional
Photography and Imaging, Mumbai. Apprenticed with senior
photographers and learnt on the job working for various clients.
His work has been published in differenct magzines and journals .
which are nature and art based work.

He is always attending clients with “ we can ” attitude and made out a
master piece out of subjects.


  • Architecture
  • Food & Beverages
  • Still life
  • People
  • Travel


  • Digital retouch
  • Panoramas
  • 360* Product View
  • Conceptual
  • Digital Enhance